Our sports scholarship program supports children and young people who possess sports skills in disciplines including athletics, basketball, boxing and soccer in its different branches. The beneficiaries must have academic average of not less than seventy points.

Our academic scholarship program is intended for the development of children and young people who show outstanding academic performance, which means that they must have an average of 85 points in all subjects.


• To contribute to the sports and academic training of children and youth with athletic ability.

• To facilitate access to educational services to children and young people with outstanding academic performance.

Our scholarship program is responsible for the costs of schooling for the beneficiaries: registration, annual tuition, books, teaching materials and transportation.

It is a requirement that beneficiaries should come from a family where the income does not exceed the minimum wage.

The methodology applied in our education system is fundamentally passive and autocratic and so is contrary to the development of critical thinking in students. This reflection leads us to the conclusion that our system is facing deficiencies in the processes of teaching and learning, which most seriously affect the public education sector. The training of teachers is crucial to form within the classrooms open minds that are able to transform their thoughts into positive, innovative, and creative ideas for themselves and their community.

The teacher-training program is designed to strengthen the management of teachers, specifically in the public sector, who are limited in access to new methodologies in classroom learning. The skills that are taught in the school year 2016 deal with the following topics:

• Teacher training (attention to diversity in the classroom)
• Resolution of conflict within the school
• New methods of teaching
• ICT in the classroom
• Education and inter-culturalism

• Updating public sector teachers with new methods of teaching and learning.
• Instruct teachers in new procedures for the resolution of conflicts in the classroom.
• Contribute to the integration of new methodologies for attention to diversity and inter-culturalism.
• Update teachers on the implementation of various technological tools in the classroom.
• Support the professionalization of teachers in the public sector.

Public sector schools mostly lack the resources to provide an educational service that responds to the needs of the student sector. Our program helps schools with equipment, furniture, painting, teaching materials, and English and physical education for schools that do not have staff for these subjects. Such support allows them to establish better management, which significantly benefits the teaching and learning that our children and youth receive.

• Provide adequate resources to schools to improve their academic management.
• Facilitate access to teaching resources for the development of teaching/learning
* Implement the use of technology in the classroom

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