Our History

During its first years of operation, Funde worked supporting children and young adults in the rural area of the country through programs and grants that provide tools such as sport uniforms, t-shirts, tennis shoes, soccer shoes, basketball and soccer balls, as well as with donations to former athletes and new sporting talents.

Aware of the need in the field of education, Funde has made many efforts to help improve the management of schools located in the country’s 22 departments, giving them computer equipment, furniture, teaching material, etc and, thanks to the support of our sponsors, athletic scholarships.

Funde initially managed to establish alliances with international institutions, associations, and private companies that gave us their support for the achievement of the objectives previously established. These sponsors include Futeca, channels 3 and 7; Prensa Libre; Banco Industrial; Asociación Guatemalteca of the Knights of the order of Malta; the Guatemalan residents of Los Angeles, CA; the Guatemalan community in Chicago, IL; and Guatemalans in New York City, NY, among others.

Our commitment focuses on the development of children and youths from underprivilaged backgrounds. Our purpose is to facilitate access to education and sport activities, through programs strategically targeting children and young people that possess skills and aptitudes for sports along with excellent academic performance.

Funde is also committed to the the public education sector since they give education to the majority of children and young people of school age and those who return to school. Our society demands teachers capable of adapting to different situations within the classroom as well as staying up to date on new pedagogical models. Our training program will provide teachers in the public sector with the relevant aid to face the demands of the twenty-first century. We also work to equip public schools.

Funde is an institution that generates real opportunities for our children and youth so they can move forward towards a promising future, providing them with the necessary tools to face the challenges in their personal and professional lives as productive citizens.

We are a serious, responsible institution with integrity, and our pillars are transparency and honesty leading towards a culture of peace, and fomenting and promoting the practice of each of these values in all of our members.

Funde is an institution that promotes and practices the values that guide our society towards a culture of peace. These values are the pillars upon which our work is based inside and outside our borders.

• Equality
• Respect towards the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country
• Tolerance
• Empathy
• Solidarity
• Generosity
• Honesty
• Integrity

Respect for the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country.

About Us

Funde is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was instituted in 2003, thanks to the efforts of a group of committed national and foreign people…


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